A MN Home Care Nurse's Journey: Shining in the Darkness



COVID-19 has presented us with anxiety, anguish, and despair, but yet there are individuals like Sarah Peterson, RN, that find the strength to go above and beyond.

Sarah was a newly graduated RN when she started her career at Recover Health on the Sprout Pediatrics team. First, providing care in the homes of high acute trach/vent clients, then promoted to Clinical Mentor, helping bring kiddos home from the NICU/PICU. After two years, Sarah became a Clinical Manager helping train 100’s of Home Care Nurses and countless clients over the years.

Sarah is a nurse, CPR instructor, wife, mom, beauty consultant, caring neighbor within a Minneapolis inner-city community, and so much more to so many. Her caring spirit wanted to shine and make a difference in the darkness. That is the type of person that jumps on an empty Delta Airlines flight to don her PPE and enters a hospital system in New York City ready to save lives during COVID-19. She is living the Recover Care and Recover Health mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and following her desire to serve.


When asked “why,” she said:

My decision to help out in New York was as simple as responding to a very crystal-clear call to go.  Working from home during quarantine, I felt blessed and safe.  At the same time, I had a bit of a feeling of “survivors guilt” as I followed the news, tracked the coronavirus, and watched as nurses were put the test.  I thought there must be SOMETHING that I could do to help support all of our frontline workers where our nation was hit the most in New York:  I thought of sending care packages, writing letters of encouragement, etc.  Never would I have even remotely thought that I would ACTUALLY have the opportunity to serve directly in such a tangible way...but if there is a will, there is a way. 

As days passed by, I couldn’t kick this feeling of needing to do something.  It was in the back of my mind, and I most certainly weighed the pros and cons of going (if I did stumble upon an opportunity). I have two young kids and a husband, and I would never want to jeopardize their health or anyone I would come into contact with.  Then popped up an opportunity through a staffing agency (contracted through FEMA) to help out in NY, and I decided to jump right on into this opportunity.  From seeing the social media posts, it appeared that this was a hot ticket opportunity as thousands of people have tried calling thousands of times over several days/weeks of enrollment. It seemed like a long shot.  It must have been God-ordained as I got in with precisely 200 phone calls. Within 10 minutes, the recruiter said: “Welcome to the New York Team.” 

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